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Collaborate Sports

What is Collaborate Sports?

Collaborate Sports focuses on providing personal development to practitioners who want to maximise their effectiveness in their performance environments. A heavy influence on success in dynamic work environments comes from the way in which we understand our own philosophies, interact with others, and empathize with learning and communication styles. The decisions that we make are typically shaped from personal experiences, with many of these likely being mistakes! What if we could collate information from other practitioners mistakes and learnings, in order for you to be better prepared for such eventualities in your own career? Maximising performance outcomes in high-stress environments requires an extensive “toolkit” of non-technical and technical knowledge and skills to adapt in a variety of situations. Collaborate Sports takes you on a journey of self-development and heightened self-awareness, in a dynamic group setting, to drive increased working competence and enhance your career potential.

Why was Collaborate Sports created?

Collaborate Sports was created to allow users to experience an interactive type of personal development with other practitioners, as opposed to pre recorded courses. My personal experiences in professional sports have been vast and exciting. I am extremely excited about how I can deliver sports performance impact to you through a form of interactive personal development. I see problem solving in performance settings an exciting challenge, but the speed at which you can act on potential solutions is often limited by experience in the field being low. Current formal academic routes and online certifications fail to provide you with the benefits that working in groups with other practitioners can bring you.

How do Collaborate Sports events work?

Collaborate Sports is based around interactive group settings. Each product available has the same goal in mind: Utilize as many experiences from fellow practitioners in an interactive group setting to enhance your opportunity for success in performance environments. Content will be both technical (S&C) and non technical (personal skills) by nature. Irrespective, the main focus of Collaborate Sports is to provide varied perspective at every opportunity. All programs and formats will be non-traditional, with interaction and collaboration being the priority focus, using breakout conversations to discuss real-world situations, interactive and creative learning elements, and insight and ideas directly from me about how you can apply methods and techniques in YOUR current environment. By collaborating, you will be able to provide many more solutions to any problems or questions within a group.