Performance Analysis

Team SBG

We believe technology enhances elite sports performance and fan engagement. That’s why we spend our days building the worlds most comprehensive video and data analysis applications to identify those all important marginal gains.

We’re a team of sports and broadcast software engineers building breakthrough machine learning and analytics technology to support elite teams with performance strategies.

SBG is agile and innovative in its programme development, reviewing and responding to each new user event. To support sports’ most successful teams and athletes, our software development needs to be as focused, competitive and lean as our userbase. This requires a combination of ambition, technical excellence and teamwork.

We are looking for candidates who are motivated by creating change with data through tools, models, visualizations. We strive to approach problems with curiosity and empathy, and to have a measurable impact on the performance of elite sports and fan engagement.

About SBG

SBG is an award winning company which develops real-time analysis systems for competitors, teams, regulators and spectators in professional world class sport.

From strategy software for F1 to performance analysis and decision support tools for elite sports, SBG products process and synchronise multiple sources of video, audio, and live data, for precision prediction, planning, analysis and review.

SBG customers include 75% of Premier League football teams as well as international foundations like UEFA, FIFA and Six Nations rugby.

SBG Products

RaceWatch is a specialist application for race strategy, performance analysis and predictive modelling for leading motorsport championships. Customers rely on RaceWatch for real-time decision support and interactive competitor analysis.

Focus is used for all sporting disciplines for its multi-channel recording, instant replay, tagging and clipping. It has been designed with simplicity in mind and optimised for pitch-side interaction and collaborative viewing of playlists.

MatchTracker assists coaches and backroom staff with opposition scouting, recruitment, team and player performance analysis as well as live in-game alerts with instant replay.

SBG Hub is a unique hybrid application which shares video, reports and insights with the power of a native app and the convenience of cloud storage.

Fusion is an analytical tool for the automotive industry to develop the next generation of smart vehicles. It is a game changing software platform that allows users to monitor and analyse all aspects of vehicle usage.