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An Introduction to Z Scores in Sports Science



In this video, we'll discuss different ways you can utilise the z-score calculation (also known as a standardised score) in sports science. I'll show you a number of different ways that you can calculate a z score in Excel. We also look at some examples of how z-scores can be used for data visualisation in sports science. Don't miss out on an invaluable Excel trick in the third method!! 

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CHAPTERS 00:00 Why is a z-score so useful? 

01:14 Standard Normal Distribution 

02:17 How to calculate a z-score 

02:45 Excel method 1 

04:05 Excel method 2 

04:32 Excel method 3 

08:53 Excel method 4 

10:58 Using rolling averages over time 

12:37 Using z-scores in data visualisation

Jo Clubb - International Sports Science Consultant


Edexpro is delighted to partner up with Jo Clubb who is going to offer some real world insights into Sports Science.

Jo Clubb is an international Sports Science Consultant. Her company, Global Performance Insights, provides sports science support to teams, companies, and individuals around the world. Previously, she worked as an Applied Sports Scientist for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, Buffalo Sabres in the NHL, as well as Chelsea Football Club and Brighton and Hove Albion in English soccer. She shares sports science education through her blog, YouTube channel, as well as scientific publications and textbooks.

Internal vs External Training Load | Sports Science


Training load monitoring is a hot topic in sports science. But, what is the different between internal and external training load? Do we need to measure both with our athletes? In this video, I explain what both internal and external training load are, as well as the differences between them. I then discuss the need for both a multivariate and individualised approach with athlete load monitoring. 


Intro 00:24

Definitions 02:06

A multivariate approach 04:06

Training load dimension matrix 05:54

Relationships between internal and external training load

CPD Courses


Education for Fitness Professionals


Our courses have been created by our team of highly qualified and experienced personal trainers with over 30 years’ experience between them. They know what it takes to become a successful and knowledgeable fitness professional and Create PT’s courses include all the tools required to get there.

Not only will you learn all the industry requirements covering nutrition, anatomy & physiology, programme design and more. We go into loads of extra detail to help make you the best PT possible.

We’ll help you write a business plan and teach you the business and sales skills you’ll need to build a thriving PT business & hit your financial targets. You'll learn how to apply the practical skills required to be a great PT, from correcting deadlift form to motivating an uninspired client to writing a detailed training programme and everything in between.

Learn at your own pace on your own terms via our innovative online learning platform and rest assured that a tutor will always be
just a call or e-mail away to answer all your questions. Unlock a new career in fitness and say hello to a new life of job satisfaction and happiness.

If you’re ready to embark on a new career in fitness, we’re here to help. A life full of working on your own time and doing what you love awaits and we can’t wait to help you get started.




The Create PT online learning platform enables you to work at your own pace. Our tutors are on hand 7 days a week to mark your work and provide support. Assignments will be marked with feedback within 48 hours, and you can expect an answer to support requests usually within an hour.

If you’re balancing the qualification with working a full time job like most people, then you should expect to complete the course in 4 – 5 months.

If you can dedicate more time to studying, the fastest you could complete the course is around 6 - 8 weeks.


Online learning

Create PT is an intuitive online learning platform for new, aspiring, and existing members of the professional fitness community, accredited by the highest awarding and globally recognised organisation: Active IQ.

Create PT’s unique position as a digital first learning platform means that anyone, regardless of geographical location, can receive the highest standard of fitness qualification anywhere in the world via your computer or mobile device, 24/7 on your own terms and in your own time. And of course, there’s always a helpful, friendly tutor with years of experience on hand to help.

Learning support

Support for our students is continuous and thorough and comes in the form of regularly scheduled zoom meetings or phone calls,

messenger and email correspondence with your tutor. You'll receive personalised video feedback from a tutor for any work that
needs changes/improvement.

Throughout the course there are a mixture of pre-recorded and live webinars with Q&A sessions on key topics. If you need any additional support at any point just contact us and a tutor will arrange a call.

Don't just take our word for it, we recently won the "Customer Service Excellence" Award, and our learner reviews speak for themselves.



Once completed the learning does not stop. The qualification we provide is the foundation upon which you can build a career in fitness, however there is still so much to learn. Whether you choose to specialise in a particular type of client or training approach, or deepen your knowledge of programme design or nutrition, we’d thoroughly recommend continuing your learning.

We can help - Whatever route you want to go down we can help. We have partnerships with the majority of the leading gyms in the country and can guarantee you an interview, we employ a full time in-house recruiter who can help find you a suitable role once qualified. If you're planning on going self-employed or online, we can also help you every step of the way.

Career Options

Once qualified there are so many options available to you...

Employed in a gym - This is the obvious starting point for most newly qualified PT's. You have the guaranteed income of a wage for the hours you work, the club should provide additional training, and they'll help you grow your client base. In return you'll receive a % of your PT income rather than the whole lot, usually between 30 - 70% depending on the gym.

Self-employed - You can work self-employed in a gym, in this case you would expect to pay a rent to the club anywhere from £100 - £1200 depending on the gym, and you keep 100% of the income. Alternatively you can work self-employed from your home gym, traveling to people, in parks etc.

Online coach - This is growing in popularity, due to technology advancements making it better & easier, and peoples personal preferences as coaches & athletes evolving. As an online coach you have the flexibility of working when and where you want, but don't assume it is easy, it takes a lot of work to build an online client base. It is often a great complement to doing in-person PT, giving you multiple sources of income.

Other options - PT can be a great side hustle instead of a full time job, a way for you to earn some extra cash on top of your main income. You can add to this by teaching classes, bootcamps, Crossfit or any other group fitness format.


Additional courses

Level 3 UKSCA Diploma in Strength & Conditioning We have partnered with YGSP, a UKSCA approved strength & conditioning specialist to offer this course.

Strength & conditioning courses in the UK are governed by the UKSCA. If you are not aware of the UKSCA, they are the UK Strength & Conditioning Association. They govern S&C within the UK & are globally recognised as the world leaders in this field. A UKSCA recognised qualification is the gold standard within S&C.

You will find many S&C courses available, some with very good content, but you will not find any other Diplomas that are UKSCA endorsed.
Our course aims to provide aspiring coaches with a knowledge of strength and conditioning and evidence-based practice. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained upon completion of the course ensures our graduates have a greater understanding of the performance training process in its entirety, allowing evidence-based S&C to be applied within real world practice. Our course is delivered over six practical workshop days, in conjunction with a case study and reflective practice distance learning process, completed via our online learning platform. Upon successful completion, learners will gain a UKSCA L3 S&C Trainer Diploma, UKSCA Membership and lifetime access to multiple additional learning short courses and resources, therefore ensuring a continuation of learning and professional development.

What’s included?

• Two in-person foundational movement practical workshops days

• Two in-person strength-based training practical workshops days
• Two in-person summative practical coaching assessments
• The completion of a real-world athlete and sport analysis
• The design / coaching of a real world 12-week periodised programme • Embedded ongoing self-reflective coaching practice throughout

• Final summative presentation and online assessment • 5 x additional S&C focused CPD courses

Your UKSCA accredited tutor will be on hand throughout the course to provide support & guidance to help you develop as the best S&C coach possible.

Payment plans available up to 24 months interest free

Level 3 PT + S&C - £2000 (normally £2350) Includes mental health course + 3 CPDs


Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is an excellent and rewarding career choice in itself, or you could combine it with your personal training business and offer sports massage to your PT clients.

Upon completion of this course you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of soft tissue dysfunction, anatomy & physiology in relation to sports massage, and be able to apply a range of sports massage techniques such as petrissage, effleurage, tapotement in a settings such as pre and post event and maintenance massages.

We offer two options for this course. Either fully online for those that prefer the flexibility of online learning. Or if you’d benefit from some in-person teaching, the second option includes 3 in-person workshops that can also be attended by Zoom if travel is not practical for you.

What’s included?
Foundation - All learning is completed online with as much feedback and support as needed via email & live & pre-recorded webinars. Practical

guidance is provided via live & pre-recorded webinars. Practical assessments carried out in person in Essex.

All-Inclusive - Everything included in the Foundation tier with the addition of 3 x in-person or live video practical workshops.

Workshop topics:

• Postural/movement assessment + lower limb massage techniques • Upper limb massage techniques + aftercare/rehab
• Scenarios & role play - pre/post/maintenance massage

Pricing Foundation - £1200

All-inclusive - £1600
Payment plans available up to 24 months interest free

Foundation PT + Massage - £1600 (normally £2000)

All-inclusive PT + Massage - £2400 (normally £3200)

Includes mental health & pre/post natal course + 5 CPDs & 3 x sports massage workshops


Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Nutrition Coaching

At level 4 your learning is really taken up a notch. Level 2 is the equivalent to GCSE, Level 3 to A-Level and Level 4 to degree, and this is clearly evident in this course. The depth of understanding you’ll have of nutrition and how to coach clients is unrivalled.

This course is ideal for coaches who want to upskill and become a nutrition coach, those wanting a new career in nutrition coaching, or those wishing to increase their nutrition knowledge to a very high level.

The course will be taught by our in-house nutrition expert who will be on hand to help 7 days a week. You can expect intuitive online learning with video guides on tricky topics and as much help and support as you need throughout.

What’s included?

• Master the anatomy, physiology and endocrinology of nutrition • Practically use your knowledge with a diverse array of clients

• Be able to assess clients effectively and efficiently
• Learn how to properly monitor consistency and adherence with clients • Get the confidence and competence to coach others
• Study around work and home life, in your own time
• Certified Level 4 Qualification through Active IQ
• 100% online flexible learning
• Regular webinars & Q&A sessions with expert tutors


Payment plans available up to 24 months interest free

Foundation PT + Nutrition - £2500 (normally £2675) All-inclusive PT + Nutrition - £3000 (normally £3475)


Designing Exercise Programmes for Older Adults - £199

The aim of this qualification is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to design and adapt programmes to meet the needs of older adults.

Instructing Circuit Sessions - £100

The aim of this qualification is to give learners an understanding of the key concepts of circuit training and how technology can be used in circuit sessions.

Instructing Kettlebell Sessions - £100

The aim of this qualification is to give learners an understanding of the key concepts of kettlebell training and how technology can be used in kettlebell sessions.

Instructing Boxing/Padwork for Fitness - £100

Learners will be taught how to safely & effectively hold pads for a client and perform a range of punches and combinations. Plus how to plan & deliver a 1-2-1 and group padwork session.

Overcoming Gym Injuries - Spinal - £75
It can be so frustrating as a personal trainer to lose a client due to an injury, often it is unnecessary for them to stop training altogether.

You need to know as a fitness professional how to help rehabilitate and manage their injuries so they can keep training, and when it is something that should be referred to the professionals.

Overcoming Gym Injuries – Upper Limb - £75 Overcoming Gym Injuries - Lower Limb - £75



Join for free

Once qualified you may find yourself overwhelmed with how much there is to do. Our Essentials membership has been designed by our team who have “been there and done it”to help make your life easier.

You’ll get access to a range of tools and resources designed to help you build the most successful PT business you can.

Included in Essentials Membership:

• Workout programmes • Diet plans • Education • Interview prep • Fitness testing tools • Recipe books • Welcome packs • Social media templates • Discounts


Save Time

There are a ton of time saving resources for use with clients or for yourself to save you doing the work. Templates for ParQ, screening questionnaire,
client consultation, client agreements and more. Help with branding, accounting, sales, retention and loads more.


Join our growing community of like-minded fitness professionals. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off your peers, ask experts for advice, find job roles, buy and sell equipment & more. All hosted on our Discord server, you’ll have access to the first fitness community of its kind.

Add Value

We help you add tons of value to your services, meaning you can either charge more or have USP’s over your competitors. Nutrition guides and healthy recipe books with macro breakdowns, a huge library of training plans and exercises and more.

You’ll also get discounts on a range of partners we work with including clothing, supplements, equipment, software and more.



If you want to level up your PT game then our Pro Membership is for you.

It includes all the awesome resources of the Essentials membership plus the following:

Free MyPTHub account - usually £49/month

MyPTHub is the market leading PT software. It gives you a whole suite of tools at your fingertips to manage your entire business. In- cluding meal plans, training programmes, billing, emails, diary, chat and loads more.

It is normally £49 per month, but it is included in our Pro Membership for £35 per month. So even if you’re not interested in any other features, the membership is worth it just for this.

Monthly call with a coach

Unlimited CPD (Continual Professional Development)

As a PT you should not stop learning once qualified. The Pro Membership includes unlimited access to our entire bank of CPD, giving you continued access to industry leading education for just £35 per month

With courses ranging from dealing with common gym injuries, to accounting for fitness professionals, to ketogenic dieting, we have something for everyone. Book in a monthly 1 to 1 call with one of our coaches to discuss anything you need help with. It may be fitness or nutrition related, you may want help with how to sell your services, you may need help managing overwhelm or you may just need someone to hold you accountable to hit your goals each month. Whatever you need, our coaches have been there and will be a supportive shoulder to lean on.

Our new Apparel partner - Gympro Apparel


Welcome Gympro Apparel.

Use code GYMPRO to get 30% off your order.


GymPro exists to embody a certain mindset in every individual on the planet. This mindset if harnessed, and sharpened can become your most formidable asset both inside and outside the sporting environment.

During our 17 years as firemen in West Midlands Fire Service, Leon and I already had touched on this and our subconscious minds were drawn to a career of service, working within the community, helping people and if necessary, saving lives. But it went deeper. We knew we thought differently. We were drawn to each other and to other people with a certain mindset.

We all know people, friends and family and even colleagues who maintain or choose a positive mindset every day despite their adversities. Who remain stoic in their daily lives and pursuits. Who apply themselves passionately, with discipline and consistency. Who adopt change and evolve with ease when the situation arises or when called upon.



This is what GymPro stands for. This is what we believe can be harnessed and worked on. This is what we are drawn to as individuals. And this is what we see in every successful athlete and individual on the planet. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, this professional mindset is what separates success and failure. The ability to pass from one failure to the next without loss of enthusiasm or belief is what ultimately results in a success.



This philosophy we bring to our brand and strive to embody in our products. To listen to like minded individuals and help and enhance their goals and performance. 

We also understand how beautiful the human body is. What a wonderful gift it is to receive. If you respect it enough it can achieve wonderous heights. It all starts with the right thought process. The right mindset.

You are amazing. We are GymPro.

Level 3 Personal Trainer Course


Personal Trainer Course - 

This is a level 3 diploma in gym instructing and personal training accredited by Active IQ. There are 3 tiers of qualification available, details of what's included can be found here: 

Edexpro members receive a 15% discount on the PT courses - EDEXPRO15



Head of Performance & Health at Millwall FC Dave Carolan


Head of Performance & Health at Millwall FC Dave Carolan

We discussed:

Industry Expectations.

Positives of working in football.

What it takes to be successful. 

Top advice for coaches.

& much more!

Sporting Insight - Tackling Inequality


It’s an incredibly exciting time for women working in sport, with more roles and opportunities than ever before, especially as women’s sport experiences unprecedented growth. Women in our survey said they felt privileged, empowered and proud to work in the sector, and this is certainly something I feel myself, having worked in sport for over 30 years. Disappointing then, that our research also shows women working in sport face huge inequalities in terms of job opportunities, development and pay, with over half of them believing they are paid less than men for the same work. Women say sport can be a challenging, tough environment where they feel frustrated and lonely. We hope that the findings and advice we share in this report will serve as a wake-up call for employers and male colleagues, and reassure women that they are not alone in their concerns. One of the responses that resonated most with me was that 82% of women questioned felt being part of a large network of women working in sport would assist in their career progression. It’s little wonder then that we’ve seen such momentous growth in the Women’s Sport Collective, a free, inclusive network that I co-founded with Kate Hannon in 2021, which now boasts over 5,500 members from around the world. We hope that the work of the Collective will in some way support women working in the sector and that by working together we can help drive change and move towards a gender equal sports industry. We’re incredibly grateful to the 863 women from across sport who took the time to complete what will be an annual survey, sharing their valuable experiences and expertise, and also generously offering advice to younger women at the start of their careers in the sports industry. Finally, a thank you to leading sports research company, Sporting Insights, who support Fearless Women and the Women’s Sport Collective, and have partnered with us for this important work.

The report aims to put the lived experiences of women working in sport into the spotlight. It looks at the experiences women had when entering the industry as well as their current perspective on gender equality in the sector and their experiences of progressing their careers in sport. The report focuses on amplifying the voices of women working in sport. An online survey was promoted via the Women’s Sport Collective and wider sports industry in October 2022. It was completed by 863 women working in sport. Analysis and reporting has been completed by Sporting Insights.




S4 Scouting Qualifications


S4 SCOUTING e-Learning Interactive Football Fundamentals & Scouting Course.

This is the – ‘S4 Scouting & Football Fundamentals E Learning Course an online interactive course. The course aims to set up a Football Foundation and to be an introduction into Scouting. A course for beginners into Scouting, as well as, coaches, Parents, Football Intermediaries/Agents, Football Enthusiasts and for anyone that are looking to learn more about the importance of observation and assessment in football.
This course will explain and teach you the basic principles of how to observe and assess a player’s performance during a football match. We will also give you scouting hints and tips to help aid you through matches to improve your observation techniques.

We will teach and explain which areas of a player's performance that you must observe and assess, showing you video clip examples of player performances, you can clearly understand and what you need to look for in players during games. 
With over 100 interactive mini video tasks for you to complete through the course, your observation skills and knowledge learnt throughout the course will be tested to enhance that knowledge.

In the final sections of the course, you will assess the full performance of four individual players.
We will show you videos of the four players and you will fully assess their performances. Using the knowledge, you have gained during the course you will be able to clearly observe and assess the players' performances in a number of areas.

On completion of this course, you will have a gained a good understanding and have a solid knowledge base to start scouting at live matches in order to gain practical experience. You will also be in a good position to better asses: your child playing performance and playing abilities as Parent or Guardian; players playing performance as Football coach/ Intermediary/Agent or potential Scout. Also, as Football Enthusiast you will better understand and evaluate the team’s performances.

You will receive an S4 Scouting certificate on completion of the course


Use the below link to access the course


Competition Time


Competition time for our members only.


Win a free place on the group #mentorship programmes courtesy of VALD Performance

Thanks to VALD, the opportunity for aspiring practitioners to obtain group mentorship from myself has been made access for those early in their #career, a real possibility.

In an industry where aspiring and developing practitioners have to commit to gaining experience to take the next steps in their careers, this often means investing in themselves has to wait until they get to their first time fully employed role.

So, if you are a Student or graduate practitioner (1st year in employment) and working in ANY of the sport support disciplines listed below, read on to enter for a chance to win!

How will these programmes help you?

Introduce you to a principle based approach in your practice

Provide you with #realworld solutions for your environment of work

Expose you to other environments by collaborating and developing with other practitioners in the field of sport

Provide you with a mentor (myself) over 6 months, as well as peer to peer mentorship in a group environment

Provide a platform to help answer questions you have and help solve problems you are navigating in your world

#Network opportunities and doors opened

#Frameworks for thinking and decision making

A programme that helps simplify Soft Skill and/or S&C and increase your effectiveness as a practitioner

Who will these programmes suit?

Physiotherapist/Athletic Trainers
Sports scientists
Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Performance Coaches/Lifestyle Coaches

What is the format?

90-120min monthly group sessions
Sessions recorded for playback or revision
Online communication via SLACK for topic reflections/sharing/tasks
Access to me individually throughout each month as required
Collaborative, breakout, discussion and application focus within each session

How to apply!

Like post
Comment ?? or ??below
Tag someone else in in the industry
Visit and submit your entry BEFORE Friday 29th April 10pm BST.

If you aren't eligible, but know someone who is, do your thing linkedin, and spread the word!

Winners will be notified by Monday 2nd May!


Personal Skill Introduction


Collaborate sports main aim is to bring real world experiences in high performance to developing practitioners like yourselves, from world class elite practitioners. The sessions are interactive and collaborative, as opposed to lecture style webinars, and is also a great opportunity to network and meet new contacts. It isn't exclusive to S&C, either, with anyone being able to learn from these events.

The Physical Preparation of Taekwondo Athletes For Performance Impact


Olympic Webinar Series – The Physical Preparation of Taekwondo Athletes for Performance Impact

Collaborator: Rhys Ingram, Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for GB Taekwondo


Date: ONLINE Wednesday 3rd November 2021 - 7.00pm GMT

Rhys Ingram is a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach for the English institute of Sport, working specifically as the Lead S&C practitioner with GB Taekwondo. As part of the Interactive Webinar Olympic Series, Rhys will share content on how he prepares Taekwondo athletes for major competitions. The session will aim to set the scene in terms of the needs analysis of the sport, before focusing more content towards specific energy system development and specific strength training methods for taekwondo athletes, all with performance impact in mind

As part of the session, attendees will be able to:

Observe and discuss the event schedule, macrocycle and microcycles of a typical taekwondo competition calendar

Discuss the potential options for energy system development for the sport and learn the specific approach taken with elite athletes for this area of physical development

Hear about the importance of defining sports specific strength in a Taekwondo athletes physical journey, and differentiating between the importance of global strength versus position/movement specific strength

Learn about the specific strength methods used for impact within Taekwondo performance


As always, the event will be an opportunity to network and meet and hear from other practitioners in an interactive and collaborative manner.

Event Duration: approximately 120mins

Ticket Costs:

Early Bird - £10.00 GBP

Eddie Ray - Founder and Managing Director of Progressive Sports


A fascinating insight into Eddie Ray's journey with Progressive Sports and how he has built up the business within the education sector. Going from a small business focusing on getting children active through after school clubs to expanding into a franchise business, but also understanding how legislations and funding can help shape the business. Take note to the last question as Eddie identifies the key attributes he looks for in his staff.

Edexpro interviews Phil Jones - Industry expert



Here at Edexpro, we think it is vital for students to gain work experience during their studies. You need to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your employability. We hope to offer that all-important work placement, as well as any advice we can give along the way.

With this in mind, we sat down with Phil Jones, founder of Swansea Outdoor Fitness and SOFit Group. (hyperlink to

From starting your own business, to gaining experience in the fitness and health industry, we hope the industry knowledge we have been able to obtain from Phil serves to benefit our members.


Who are you and what is your background?

My name is Phil Jones, and I own Swansea Outdoor Fitness and SOFit Group ltd.

My background before I started in the fitness industry was in the military, where I spent just over 10 years as a Royal Marines Commando. I left and I decided I wanted to help people but did not really know to what capacity. But, from being involved in fitness at a high level in the military, getting involved in fitness and exercise seemed like a natural progression for me.


What advice would you give to students who are also looking to start up a business within the same industry as you?

I would say that the best advice is to try everything, really work hard at giving everything a go, and I am sure that you will find your love. It is a big industry, I am sports therapy trained, and there is the corporate health and wellbeing world you can get involved in. But, when just starting out, you want to be reliable and give every single client the best possible experience you can give. What that does is generate word-of- mouth and return clients; it puts you in good stead. Also, do not undervalue your expertise and time. That is one big thing that I have learned over the years.


So, one of the big clients you have worked with is Swansea City Football Club. Can you describe the work you have done with them, and how you managed to land that client?

The partnership with Swansea City FC is an exceptionally good one and has been longstanding. Basically, we are health and wellbeing consultants for their staff. If they have problems with mental health, weight gain, anything to do with wellness; then they can come to me or one of my staff to seek advice. This extends to their academy, where we speak with their academy guys and do some life experience work with them. We put on breathing classes, stretching classes, virtual walking challenges; things like that which really helps their workforce be happier and more productive.


What ‘soft skills’ do you think students need to possess if they want to enter these types of industries?

Communication is key.

I have found that communicating within the military is different from communication in the civilian world. I quickly had to tap into changing the way I spoke to and approached people. It is about listening to clients and giving them the attention that they deserve. Let them speak and get their point across. From that, you will pick up on potential problems or barrier they may have, which you can then factor into your work (training, PT sessions, etc.). Listening will allow you to create an incredibly good service for customers. Confidence is another massive one. If you are lacking in confidence, then it is something you will have to work on for this industry. For example, just last week I had spoken to over 100 people working for the DVLA as part of delivering to a client. The best way to work on these skills is through practice, and how you do that is through speaking to people, volunteering, placements, etc. If you can practice talking to people, even if it is just in front of friends, then you can work on your communication and confidence.


How important do you think gaining experience is for students looking to enter the field, or start their own businesses?

It is vital. I went to University a lot later in my life (to study teaching, leadership and management), and I think gaining experience whilst you are studying is crucial. You need to practice what you have learned and apply those ‘soft skills’ that we have talked about. It can be anything from volunteering to coaching. Work experience, and the skills you will gain, is going to set you apart from your peers. Which is priceless, you cannot buy experience.


What is the best advice you could give to students?

That is a good question. I would certainly say follow your passion. If you think about it, you are going to be involved in this industry for a long time, and you are you not doing something you love then you are not going to succeed. Hands up, growing up I wanted to be a footballer and I loved football. Now, I get to work closely with my hometown football club. Follow your passion, be determined, think big, be brave, and just give it everything.

Welcome to Edexpro


Welcome and congratulations on becoming a member of Edexpro.

This solution is about you, and what you require for a career in the sports and health industry.

After 15 years of working in sport and education, we have a new mission. We are bringing opportunities in all disciplines in sport and health from all levels of the industry. We aim to help you build-up your experiences and qualifications ready for a career in sport and health.

Alongside these opportunities, we also aim to bring you content and insight to help you further understand what it's like to work in specific disciplines at different levels.

CPD is a big focus of ours. Several free workshops are in place to further your knowledge and understanding whilst enhancing your profile.

Due to COVID and the current climate, we expect opportunities to start again around April. Take this time to build your profile, focus on your video bio and build a library of videos that showcase your skillset.

Tell us what insights you would like to see by sending an email to with the subject "Insights"