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Playermaker Solutions

Playermaker's vision is to connect athletes footwear to empower habits and pursue personal excellence.

Over the last few years, we reshaped the meaning of football innovation. Using Artifcial intelligence, we support the player from his/her early talent development pathway and provide Insights to the best teams in the world: Personal, intuitive and meaningful.

Providing actionable insights for tens of thousands of players on a weekly basis. Making unparalleled data accessible to some of the world's biggest teams, that has never before been so affordable.

We hope to have you on board with us, benefting from the most powerful full, accurate, and advanced football suite of solutions.

I look forward to working together.

Guy Aharon, CEO & Co-founder

A Whole Club Solution

Whether it is the technical development of an academy player, or keeping a closer eye on loan players, our current clients are using our solutions in a number of different ways.

In a Squad or Alone

Examples of how Clubs are using Playermaker;

Squad Alone
Full Club Solution Loan Players
Senior Teams International Duties
Academy Squads Off-Season Training
Rehab Goalkeepers
  Talent Identification

The Technology

Playmaker's Smart Sensor - More than just Connected Footwear

With a real-time machine learning algorithm, every step and ball touch count. Playermaker's 6-axis motion smart sensor is built with a gyroscope and accelerometer that samples movement events at 7000 times/sec.

Validated by top universities around the world, Playermaker is constantly being put to the test in meeting the highest academic research standards.

Playermaker Technology

800m+ Motion Data Samples

1.5m+ Running Meters

400k+ Motion Data Events

Connecting the Steps Squad Solution

Playermaker Step

Data is gathered and processed on the spot, due to the sensor being attached directly to a players boot.

Playermaker Step

A docking case charges up to 27 pairs of sensors and houses an Ipad.

Playermaker Step

Advanced and powerful processing capabilities ensures data accuracy and security.

Playermaker Step

User friendly dashboards visualize the collected data for easy analysis of a player and team performance over time.

Connecting the Steps Remote Solution

Playermaker - connecting the steps Playermaker - connecting the steps

Upon completion of a session, the data gathered on our sensors is sent directly to the players smart device and to the Club's dashboard instantly.

Playmaker Performance Metrics

Physical Analysis
  • Distance Covered
  • Sprint Statistics Top Speed Work Rate Velocity Zones
  • High-Intensity Distance
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Zones
Gait & Load Analysis
  • Stride Length
  • Contact Time Duration
  • Flight Ratio - Cadence
  • Asymmetry Statistics
  • Release Velocity Zones
Technical Analysis
  • Touches [#]
  • Leg Usage [%]
  • Ball Possessions [#] Time on the Ball [Secs]
  • Avg. Time on the Ball [Secs] Passes [#]
  • Passing Network Playing Tempo [% l Touch/Short/Long Possessions]
Tactical Analysis
  • Pass Completion [%]
  • Regains [#] Lost Balls [#] Possession [%]
  • Passes Per Possession [#] Possession Time [Secs]
  • Regain Time [Secs]

Video Intergration

With the use of our XML ile, you are able to sync your Playmaker data to your video analysis tool in a matter of seconds. Not only does this save valuable human resources, but it also allows for instant reflection upon performances.

Our XML automatically clips the following data for every player.

  • Individual Ball Possessions
  • Left/Right Foot Releases
  • Timeline & Matrix Viewing
  • Passing Detail Recieved By & Passed To
  • Release Velocity Zones Every Pass/Shot/Cross
  • Sprints - When Team In Poss
  • Sprints - When Team Out Of Poss
  • Hsc - When Team In Poss
  • Hsc - When Team Out Of Poss
Playermaker - Video Intergration

No Infrastructure
No Installations
No Maintenance

Playmaker is designed for INDOOR and OUTDOOR, HOME and AWAY, TRAINING SESSIONS and GAMES.

Others are Already Benefitting

We have found the individual playermaker system extremely useful to use with our players throughout this difficult period.

The units have enabled us to easily monitor our sessions remotely; players find it very easy to set up and use, and within minutes we are able to get an overview of what the players have done, including technical reporting of kicks, and touches of the ball, before being able to delve into deeper analysis if we wish to.

This is the first solution that we have come across that has enabled us to have data synced to a location, and it's been a very positive experience, improving interaction with the players.

Chris Domagalla Head of Performance Norwich City FC

Our responsibility during these strange times is to keep our players motivated and focused whilst training from home.

Each player from our u16s/u15s has now received a playermaker uno device directly from the company to their homes.

Financially, the decision was easy as it isa small investment; However, more importantly, the automation of playermaker means that we do not need to commit human resources to gain the benefits.

We are now able to stay consistent in monitoring the physical and technical aspects of the players, as well as encouraging them to do more and remain engaged.

Ian Cawley Academy Manager Leicester City FC

Why Playmaker?

  • Unparalleled insights directly from the player's boot
  • Highly accurate and reliable analysis
  • Ease of use through the simple put on and player smart footwear sensor
  • Track player development over time
  • Validated by top universities and academic institutions
  • Easier, faster & enhanced video analysis

Playermaker provides the most accurate Data and is the least disruptive to the Player's game.

Arsene Wenger - Former Arsenal Manager